HP LeftHand 12 MPIO for ESXi 5.5

One of the new features of HP LeftHand 12.0 is the Multipathing Extension Module for VMWare, which reduces latency and improves performance. With this extension and configuring VMWare with Dynamic Discovery and the VIP (Virtual IP address) of the LeftHand, it discovers all the nodes and creates a link to every node.

With the extension installed and working, in LeftHand administration where before you could see only the paths to the VIP for every LUN now you can see at least a link for every node and duplicated in case of the VIP because it handles data and control.

The extension is now available for ESXi 5.0, 5.1 and 5.5, and can be downloaded from here: HP StoreVirtual Storage: LeftHand OS 12.0

To install the extension into a host with ESXi 5.x you need:

  1. Place host into maintenance mode.
  2. Enable SSH (it is always recommended not to leave it always enabled).
  3. With WinSCP or any other application that supports SCP copy the VIB file to a storage, if you are going to update multiple hosts it is recommended to copy to a shared storage so it is accessible from all hosts (e.g. /vmfs/volumes/xxx).
  4. With Putty or any other SSH client connect to the ESXi host and update with the following command:

    This is an example of a successfully completed installation
  5. No reboot is required but before exiting maintenance mode, reconfigure the Path Policy for all LeftHand’s LUNs with the new Path Policy HP_PSP_LH.


    HP_PSP_LH Path Policy

  6. Verify all the LeftHand’s LUNs are OK and then exit maintenance mode.

This is a very manual process and only useful for a LAB or very reduced environment, but if you have to update multiple LUNs for every host it is better to use PowerCLI.

The following script changes the Path Policy on all LeftHand datastores of an ESXi host, please be careful and test in a Lab before applying into production.

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